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We had a seminar and graduation ceremony this week for our "Your Next Job" and "Looking Ahead" participants. It was a lot of fun, as we shared in Czech and English what we had learned about ourselves and our careers in the seminars.

One joke, told in Czech, involved rhetoric. I couldn't quite follow it, but everyone who speaks fluent Czech laughed. I imagine that they were making fun of the use of rhetoric by politicians. Czechs love to insult their politicians, who make (as many Czechs believe) empty promises and grand, meaningless statements.

This is, of course, one use of rhetoric, the art of persuasion. Politics, business, education, and religion all are guilty of misusing the power of rhetoric towards their own ends. Good rhetoricians can "carry people away" with their ideas and offerings, causing normally cautious people to agree to things that they later regret.

But is it fair to blame the art of persuasion, invented and perfected by the Greeks…

My new Kindle

My son bought me a Kindle for Christmas, but I just picked it up in Florida last week. It's quite the piece of technology. I downloaded about 40 freebies (books, copyrighted or not, written prior to 1923) and have been having a ball reading bits of this and that. I think what I like the best is the way you turn the page--it's a little tab on the side (either side) that "turns the page" forward or back.

That little tab just fascinates me--I want to press it! So I read fast, faster than I usually read a book that has paper pages to turn. My feeling is that reading a Kindle is an entirely different experience than reading a regualr book, but not in a bad way. I'll report again later, when I have some better insights into why I love my Kindle.