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Book sale! Read to write better

The Christian Library of Prague had a sensational book sale last weekend. I bought lots of books, for 10, 25 and 50 koruna each ($.50, 1.50 and 2.50). Books are not cheap here, so this was a great bargain.

At the sale I met one of my friends from church, a Greek student studying dentistry in Prague. Since he's a student, he has very little time to read for fun. When he saw my piles of books, he was impressed! When he asked how many books I read a week, I admitted that I read all the time, because I'm a writer.

It sounds strange, but reading is what makes me a better writer. I absorb the writing styles, use of language, knotty grammatical structures and imagery of other writers. Inside my brain this material is transmuted into ideas and plots, characters and styles, that I then use when I write.

These book sale finds will take me a long way in developing my skills and insights as a writer. Thank you, Christian library!