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Do you have to be bored to write?

Last night Jarda and I were talkng about writing. We are working on a book, 21st Century Christianity, that's about half-written. Somehow I can't get excited to finish it. Jarda noted that he has to be bored to sit down and write, rather than doing one of the many other, more stimulating things he can do in Prague. Since we haven't been bored at all living in Prague for the last 11 months, we aren't writing.

There's some truth in this. But I know that I won't write until I have to, when either the need to express myself overcomes my inertia or when I have a deadline. This is the appeal of journalism--the pressure of the deadline squeezes writing out of you.

My biggest problem with writing is that it's so much more fun to read than to write. So as long as there's a book anywhere in the house that I haven't read, I'll read before I'll write.

What I need is a boring life in a place with no books, where I have strict deadlines. A cabin in the wo…