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The Discovery of Slowness

In June, I bought a book at a library book sale for 10 kc (fifty cents) called The Discovery of Slowness by Sten Nadolny.

But it's a Penguin book, and they are nearly always a safe bet for quality and style, so I plunked down my 10 kc and took the book home. I started reading it and am finding it's a dense, satisfying book. Nadolny paints a picture of Franklin's slow, one-thing-at-a-time, intensely methodical nature by writing as if he, the author, too, is "afflicted" with slowness.

Franklin stutters; he can only avoid stuttering if he pauses between each sentence ( a LONG pause) to allow all the random chattering ideas and memories in his head surrounding that sentence to play themselves silently in his brain. The writing is the same--sentences seem to stand on their own, singular and ominous, making sense only after several paragraphs or pages have been read and thought through.

I've known people who were slow, and often I came to see that their slowness w…