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I have gotten very comfortable with my Kindle reader. So far, after 9 months of owning it, I've paid for only one book--99 cents, by mistake. There are enough free books to keep me happy. I read a book every couple of days. With that kind of sampling of books, I can list the three top things that keep me engaged in a book:

1. Interesting setting. I just finished For Time and Eternity, a romance about a young woman who runs away with the Mormons as they trek to Utah. The writing was good, the characters were okay--what hooked me was the setting in Utah as the Mormons drove out the Indians and claimed their own Zion.

2. Decent dialogue. TheVelveteen Rabbit, a kid's book, features some lovely conversations between the rabbit and the other toys. I admire authors whose dialogue sounds natural and unforced.

3. A fast-moving plot. Dracula by Bram Stoker has a nice, quick pace. It also has a great setting: Transylvania. The dialogue is pretty stiff, but maybe 19th-century upper-class …