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Point of View revisited

Jarda and I have lived in Prague for two years, and I am celebrating this anniversary by once again trying to write 21st Century Christianity. Among the many decisions to be made in envisioning this book is which point of view to use.

Lots of Christian books (well, a book can't be a follower of Christ, so let's say "books by Christian authors that presumably offer a Christian worldview") suffer from "me-itis." That is to say, they are written from 1st person singular perspective ("I"), which is meant to give authenticity and immediacy to the book.

The problem is that 1st person is only interesting and useful for a) that person or b) people who can fit their feet into that person's shoes. For example, To Kill a Mockingbird (not a "Christian" book, per se, but a well-known novel) is written in 1st person, but the skill of the author, Harper Lee, is such that she allows readers who are not small-town girls with lawyer fathers to feel th…