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creativity and dreams

I have been dreaming very intensely for about the past year. The dreaming coincides with some family drama that has kept me preoccupied during the day, and with deciding that I was not going to look for a job in Prague, a task that had preoccupied me for the past two years.

My brain must be feeling free to be creative, because my dreams are remarkably detailed and full of import. When I wake up, I can remember big portions of the "dream de jour" and often have to jump out of bed to record what I've just dreamed .

The two novels I'm working on were also started in response to dreams in which the characters talked to me directly and forcefully about their existence and their need to be put into a book. Okay, okay!! I am working as fast as I can!

Then a few nights ago, I dreamed about knitting a scarf. I designed the pattern and knit it in my dream, then considerately showed myself what I had done and how I could, when awake, knit the scarf and write the pattern to share…

desperately in need of inspiration

Writers need constant inspiration, Naturally, this is true of humans in general, and more specifically, of artists in all media.

But I will argue (right now, in fact) that writers need more inspiration than anyone else, for 6 reasons (having said 6, I now need to find 6 really good ones--there are, of course, hundreds.)

1. The writer uses words as his or her artistic medium, and words are clumsy great things that wear you out.

Expressing an artistic impulse is never easy, but I think that people who sketch, paint, create with textiles, sing, play an instrument, sculpt, or stack up boxes as performance art all have it easier than writers. All those people have one major instrument they can hold in their hands: pencil, brush. bobbin, throat, piccolo, clay or boxes. They can draw inspiration from the instrument itself as well as from  their poor aching brains.

Writers, on the other hand, are faced with an infinite multitude of instruments: words. Each word has so many connotations, denota…

whose book is it?

I have a friend who has written a book. She would like to have it published by a large, well-established  publisher, with a marketing department, and is working with an editor she's hired, who has said that he will  helping her find an agent, who can then connect her with a commercial publisher.
For the past month or so, I've been helping my friend by reading her book and responding to her questions about the characters, the plot and the pacing. She has other people giving her feedback, besides me. My comments are just my opinion, as I am not a professional editor working in a large, well-established publishing house. I do own and manage a very small publishing house, but it's not Random House or Scribner's by any means!

Yesterday we had a detailed discussion about what she can expect from the editor she hired. In the process, I po…

Hiding to write

For 2013, I am determined to write at least two books:

21st Century Christianity
Geraldine Finds a Body

I've already written (or co-written) 3 full-length published books (21st Century Jobs, Your Career Passport and Three Things You Can't Do in Prague), several shorter published books (College to First Job Step-by-Step, Three Things that Last Forever), hundreds of published newsletters (for my business and for universities where I worked), dozens of published magazine and newspaper articles, and untold numbers of papers, abstracts, reviews and other academic types of writings.

Most of these publications were written while I still worked full-time, often while I was finishing my Master's degree, raising a family and trying to have a life besides work! I can hardly believe how much energy and focus I had in my 30's, 4's and 50's.

Now I finally have it all: the time to write, the technology to do it easily and something unique and useful to say.

Now I simply have t…