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Book swap

When people say "book swap," they usually mean that people trade books. Books that are actually written--actual books.

Last week, my husband Jarda and I had a book swap, but we traded unwritten books, not "real" books. We have been working on a book, 21st Century Christianity, for at least 3 years, with no end in sight. I think part of the problem is that we writing it together, but we don't share a common vision for the book. My husband leans toward the theoretical, I toward the practical. So the book is passed back and forth, with little progress or clarity of direction gained.

We had just met a nice German man, from Bayreuth, at Dacicky restaurant in Kutna Hora. Our seats were in the beer garden, which has long tables and benches. He was alone, there on business, so he sat by us, and we began to chat.

This man had grown up in Dresden under communism, so the topic of conversation became my husband's long, convoluted saga from Prague to Macon, Georgia. Alo…

Publishing your book: a brief look at some options

As I work on my two (soon to be three) novels, I am researching how to publish and sell them when they are done. Here is some of what I've found, so far.
1. Use a printer such as Gorham Printing in Centralia, Washington, to do a "page and screen" deal, where they design and print some number of hard copies for your own pleasure and to sell to people, face-to-face. They also design and produce an e-book, properly formatted with a professional cover. You pay for and own all of this. We have used Gorham twice to print our books as regular books, and been very happy with their staff and their products.

2. If you go with an e-book format, consider the choices for selling e-books online. There are lots of websites out there to choose from, based on your book's genre and your own preferences. Here, for example, is how Amazon does it. Even if you don't use Amazon, this gives you a frame of refe…