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2014--a new look at writing!

The past year, 2013, was one in which I devoted myself to writing, at least theoretically. I set aside many of my favorite activities, including knitting, so that I'd have more big blocks of uninterrupted time to write.

It was a successful plan in that I did write. For my current book, I just about finished the parts I am writing. My husband will write his parts now and then we'll pull it all together as 21st Century Christianity. This book will be published both as a stand-alone (as an e-book) and as the last part of our Prague trilogy, which already includes Three Things You Can't Do in Prague and Three Things that Last Forever. The trilogy will cover our years of focus on Prague, from 2006-2013.

It was not such a successful plan in regards to my personal satisfaction with what I wrote. The more I wrote, the more I could see that I knew very little about my topic, in spite of being a Christian since age 4 and reading about a gazillion books about it, talking about it to …