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Little by Little

Since I was a child, I wanted to be a novelist. I also wanted to be an actress, but that's another blog. The problem was that I thought novelists sat down and did not get up again till their novel was complete.

I think I imagined that novelists practiced automatic writing, where the words came to them by supernatural inspiration. Never did it enter my mind that writing is no different, in many ways, from any other activity. That is, it has a beginning, a long middle and an end (like Anne Elk's Brontosaurus theory).

Of course I knew that the papers you write at college are not written in one burst of creativity (unless you've left it till 1 AM of the day it's due, and you write in a hot fever, getting down some words on the page and hoping for the best). I knew that I could write a multi-page research paper a little at a time.

As I got older, I started writing articles for newspapers, blogs and newsletters. All these short pieces might be written in one sitting, but pol…