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American Gods

I have a friend at work, Kevin. He spent his younger years having fun, then suddenly fell in love with Philosophy and got a degree in it. We have nice talks about philosophy, which I know next to nothing about, but Kevin is patient, and his love for the subject is infectious.

Kevin has been telling me for some time now that I'd enjoy the Neil Gaiman book, American Gods, and so I bought it in the Orlando airport as we were waiting to fly to Dublin the other day. I am enjoying the book, and have discovered that Neil Gaiman and I are secret writing buddies!!!!!!

1. Neil Gaiman writes a modest number of words each day, slowly and steadily building his novels. He writes in the introduction to this book that when he's working on a novel, he tries to write 2000 words a day, but is happy to write 1000. Me, too!!!

2. Neil Gaiman uses idiosyncratic punctuation. Like me, he writes long, convoluted sentences full of clauses and phrases, necessitating lots of commas. But so many commas can…