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Elizabeth is getting close to her destiny

My novel Prague for Beginners is drawing to a close. Elizabeth has lived through a year of teaching English in Prague and has learned quite a bit along the way. She currently is thrashing through some major life decisions as 1994 draws to a close. I hope to complete this book by the end of this year, and will publish it as an ebook on

Here's an observation that she makes while standing in the Old Town Square, waiting for the Astronomical Clock to strike the hour. Hope you enjoy this excerpt!

"I pause for a moment to look at the crowd and listen to the languages spoken: tourists from Germany, France, Italy, England, Spain, and the US stand shoulder-to-shoulder, with necks craned upward toward the clock face, as anonymous men slip through the packed people, looking for a likely pocket or purse to pick. On the edges of the crowd, people come and go in five or six directions, making for one of the little streets that converge here or walking straight across the big squ…