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December 31st Review

If you live in a country where January 1st begins the New Year, then today is the day for summing up 2014.

Some people will do this mentally, if at all. Some have been making notes on every day in 2014 in a journal, so they can skim the 365 pages and look for highlights.

Some people had so many disappointments and losses in 2014 that they have no interest to look back, and just hope that 2015 will be better.

My husband and I will do as we have done for most of the past 30 years: begin a planning process for 2015. We start by reviewing our 2014 goals and noting what actually happened in the areas specified by the goals.

For example, one goal for 2013 was this "Sell Mechenice for a good price." Mechenice was a property in a village just south of Prague that we co-owned with my husband's brother. '

We didn't use the property enough to justify owning it, and we agreed with his brother to sell it, but only at a fair price. The property was on the market since 2010; we …

They all passed!

This fall I taught a writing course at Seminole State College in Florida. My students were of all ages and levels of ability, with one thing in common: the need to improve their writing skills.

We covered some basic grammar review, the structure of an essay, doing research for a project and how to cite in MLA format--the basics needed to master college-level writing assignments. It was fun and challenging to teach such a diverse group of students, finding ways to connect with each one individually.

Of the students who started the class and kept up with it all the way through, all passed the course. This makes me very happy indeed. What makes me most happy is the knowledge that my students have the tools to succeed in their college writing careers and beyond.