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A New Semester

I have been a teacher and a student for so many years that life naturally sorts itself into semesters.

Here's is the derivation of the word "semsester":
1820-30;< German< Latinsēmē(n) strisofsixmonthsduration < *sex-mēnstris,equivalenttosexsix + mēns(is) month + -trisadj.suffix(perhapsrepresentinganearlier*mens(i) -teros)
Semesters in current use are more like 5 months long (not 6), with a very condensed "summer semester," but the idea still remains of setting aside a certain amount of time for a specific learning experience.

This semester (Spring 2016) I will be both a teacher and a student. My ENC 0022 Writing class (which I teach) begins on January 11th, the same day that my CRW Creative Writing class (in which I will be taught) begins.

This is, in spite of doubling my workload and overfilling my mindspace, my favorite situation. Teaching is about giving, pouring out energy, enthisiasm and even a bit of factual information. Being taught is about rece…