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Alone Looking at the Mountain by Li Po

All the birds have flown up and gone; 
A lonely cloud floats leisurely by. 
We never tire of looking at each other - 
Only the mountain and I.
*********************** Li Po 701–762

"A Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty, Li Po (also known as Li Bai, Li Pai, Li T’ai-po, and Li T’ai-pai) was probably born in central Asia and grew up in Sichuan Province. He left home in 725 to wander through the Yangtze River Valley and write poetry. In 742 he was appointed to the Hanlin Academy by Emperor Xuanzong, though he was eventually expelled from court. He then served the Prince of Yun, who led a revolt after the An Lushan Rebellion of 755. Li Po was arrested for treason; after he was pardoned, he again wandered the Yangtze Valley. He was married four times and was friends with the poet Tu Fu.
Li Po wrote occasional verse and poems about his own life. His poetry is known for its clear imagery and conversational tone. His work influenced a number of 20th-century poets, including Ezra Pound and James W…

Анна Каренина under the train

Anna Karenina and that train.
Having an affair is not unforgiveable, among high-class folks,
but you can’t take it seriously.
Anna falls in love with her partner in adultery, Count Vronsky,
but can’t make up her mind to leave her civil-servant hubby. What to do?
Anna Karenina and that train.
She tries to make a go of it with Vronsky in Italy, to live with her true love,
but they are shunned.
She can’t make up her mind to leave hubby; it’s a social-position thing.
So what’s left? A face-down plant on the train tracks.
Anna Karenina and that train.
----Sara Tusek