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Truth vs Falsehood, deception, avoidance, and misunderstanding

"What then is truth? A mobile army of metaphors, metonymies, anthropomorphisms… –Nietzsche"

This quote from Nietzsche makes clear an uncomfortable reality of the relationship between truth and language. Our language, for good or ill, conveys truth (or its opposites).

True truth
Truth, most people would agree, exists objectively. It sits outside of human interpretation as a kind of untouchable, absolute entity. 

For some, the pursuit of truth is a lifetime event. Philosophers, psychologists, religious scholars, and poets are professional truth-definers. In different ways, politicians, economists, journalists and sociologists also try to uncover truth.

Even though it might be impossible to get all of the truth-pursuers to agree on what truth is, let alone on one example of truth, it's still worth noting that all would agree (most likely) that truth exists.

How can people agree on the existence of something that no one can see, quantify, taste, touch, pin down, hear, or feel? How…

Writer's block, but not exactly

The term "writer's block" may refer to three kinds of inability:
1. You can't start a new piece of writing, even though you have an idea what you want to write about. In this case, the block comes from not being able to find a pathway for entering into the writing. The best cure for this writer's block is to start somewhere, anywhere, and write until you find your path.

2. You can't continue to write a piece you've already started. This may happen when you have some choices about how to develop the writing and cannot decide what to do next. It may also happen when you've got nothing more to say about your topic or thesis. This is harder to deal with, as you may need to go back and find the place where you got into a "dead end" and rewrite from that point on, forging a new direction.

3.You are simply stuck for any idea at all. This is the time to do something creative that's not writing. Listen to music, read a book, take a walk. Jog your br…