Lenin, Stalin and Hitler

The National Archives UK - Marshall Stalin
Yesterday I went to Luxor Palace of Books, a large bookstore on Vaclavske namesti. They have a decent selection of books in English, mostly from British publishers. I love to browse here. If someone gave me 100,000 crowns I could spend it in 5 minutes, as I know exactly where the books I want to buy are shelved.
Adolf Hitler from Central State Archive, Sofia
I had about 450 crowns (about$20), the last of my Christmas "mad money." I perused many great books, and eventually bought Lenin, Stalin and Hitler. The author is a Canadian historian who now teaches at FSU in Florida. He's an expert on the political art of public denunciation, which is the main tool of all totalitarian regimes. I started the book and could barely put it down!

 V. I. Ulyanov during his arrest in connection with the case of the St. Petersburg "League of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class." Dec. 1895 mugshot.


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