My new Kindle

My son bought me a Kindle for Christmas, but I just picked it up in Florida last week. It's quite the piece of technology. I downloaded about 40 freebies (books, copyrighted or not, written prior to 1923) and have been having a ball reading bits of this and that. I think what I like the best is the way you turn the page--it's a little tab on the side (either side) that "turns the page" forward or back.

Kindles by Robert Dr√≥zd
That little tab just fascinates me--I want to press it! So I read fast, faster than I usually read a book that has paper pages to turn. My feeling is that reading a Kindle is an entirely different experience than reading a regualr book, but not in a bad way. I'll report again later, when I have some better insights into why I love my Kindle.


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