Writing in bits and pieces

I love to read novels, and won't buy one that's fewer than 300 pages long. I also love non-fiction: travel books, biographies and accounts of businesses/institutions/historical events are among my favorites.

But when I write, I prefer to compose in bits and pieces. The 1000-word article is my favorite form of writing. I've been writing newsletters for 26 years, and really enjoy the compressed format. My writing tends to be loose and wandering, so the limits of a two-page newsletter tighten up my writing, reining in my verbosity.

Samples of my newsletters are here

I have 7 blogs, and love this format, too. I use lots of photos and very little text, styling myself as a copywriter.

Praguepies, one of my blogs

Someday I will write long novels. I have written several fiction and non-fiction books already, none longer than 120 pages, with relatively short chapters.

My goal for 2012 as a writer is to write longer pieces that are just as focused and economical in their wording as my short pieces. One book I'm already working on (for the past several years!) is non-fiction, 21st Century Christianity. I also have a couple of novels rumbling around in my head.


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