December 31st Review

If you live in a country where January 1st begins the New Year, then today is the day for summing up 2014.

Florida New Year
Some people will do this mentally, if at all. Some have been making notes on every day in 2014 in a journal, so they can skim the 365 pages and look for highlights.

Some people had so many disappointments and losses in 2014 that they have no interest to look back, and just hope that 2015 will be better.

My husband and I will do as we have done for most of the past 30 years: begin a planning process for 2015. We start by reviewing our 2014 goals and noting what actually happened in the areas specified by the goals.

For example, one goal for 2013 was this "Sell Mechenice for a good price." Mechenice was a property in a village just south of Prague that we co-owned with my husband's brother. '

We didn't use the property enough to justify owning it, and we agreed with his brother to sell it, but only at a fair price. The property was on the market since 2010; we had some offers but none of them were the right offer.

So we set this as a goal during our planning meeting in Florida, where we were spending the winter away from our home in Prague. We returned to Prague in late February to find a letter from some people who were interested in the property. We met with them in March and sold them the property in April.

Not all goals are so easily met! But having goals has helped our marriage by giving us joint projects. It's also helped us keep our business, the International Leadership Institute, afloat through 30 years of changing missions and programs (you can visit our website to see what we are doing these days).

Prague, 1993
My husband and I are just settling in for our 2014 review, and suggest you think about making your own review. It's a way to pause and look at your life, your one-and-only life, and get some fresh ideas for 2015.


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