As an editor and a writer, I am always looking for guidelines and strategies on how to decide if a written work is ready to be published.

Christmas 1893, Strand Magazine

In an April 25, 2017 post in the Submittable blog, guest author Nathaniel Tower has some pithy advice on how and when to submit a piece of writing to journals or literary magazines. Here are some elements of a short list to consider when asking yourself whether or not a piece is ready to be published:

"So how do you know if a story is ready? Here are some signs you shouldn’t submit:
  • You haven’t read it over at least five times
  • You wrote it less than a week ago
  • You aren’t proud of it
  • You are contemplating sending it to an inferior lit mag because you are pretty sure they’ll publish anything . . . "
The post has more great ideas for making sure you submit your work to the right magazine at the right time. Read it here:


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