Leaders to Follow is our latest book!

We are very excited to tell you about our new addition to the literature on leadership!

ILIP has just published Leaders to Follow, ILI President and CEO Jaroslav B. Tusek's primer on the key principles of leadership as demonstrated in the Business Leadership Forum: USA programs. 

Part blueprint for successful cross-cultural leadership, part illustration of the leadership transition of post-Cold War Central and Eastern Europe, Leaders to Follow can inspire and instruct aspiring leaders and serve as a guide for leaders whose countries are in the midst of major economic and political transition.

Here's a brief description of Leaders to Follow:

"At a time when liberal democracies are under attack, it’s good to remind ourselves of the  enduring principles of leadership that made it possible for leaders to transition from isolated totalitarianism to the interconnected economic and political world of the 21st century. 

Leaders to Follow outlines the seven key principles of leadership that guided the International Leadership Institute’s Business Leadership Forum: USA programs (delivered after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall) for executives from former Soviet-bloc countries transitioning from state-planned, communist economies. These principles are still relevant for leaders in today’s free-market liberal democracies. Illustrated with stories from our BLF: USA participants, the seven principles can help anyone in a leadership role to perform effectively in an increasingly interconnected world."

You can preview and purchase this timely book on Amazon:


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